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Jaycobe Delahunty
Sierra SJ70 and 1978 Lj81

Hi my name Jaycobe I currently own 2 Suzuki’s. One a Suzuki Sierra SJ70 and a 1978 LJ81.

My Suzuki Sierra started it all, around 8 years ago when all my mates started getting into the 4x4ing and camping lifestyle.
All my mates were running around in petrol Nissans and Landcruiser’s and where spending lots on fuel each week I knew I could not afford to do that having a job delivering food 5 days a week I knew that I would be spending most of my pay on fuel so I bought a small 1.3l Suzuki that ended up being one of the most fun cars I have ever owned.
My best trip I have been on so far would have to have been a trip to Tasmania for 4 weeks in 2019.
If I could go to any country to 4×4 I would go to America because of the strong aftermarket 4×4 seen.
When I’m not 4wdriving I enjoy metal fabrication work and building things in general.
I have chosen to join the Illawarra Suzuki 4wd Club because a lot of the members have a passion for everything Suzuki and a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Suzuki brand and are more then happy to help me out when needed and host good 4×4 trips trips.
– 2inch lift.
– 235-75-15 mud tyres.
– Custom bar work all around.
– 12v winch.
– Reduction gears.
– Arb lockers front and rear.
– Duel battery’s and a 12v system.
– Rear draws.
– Chrome olly front axels and steering arms.
– Under body armour for diffs and braced diff housings and many more       modifications.
Out of all the modifications I would d say the lockers have been the best value for money.