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Anita Ng
2010 Grand Vitara

Hey fellow Zook-heads!
This is the story of when I found my dream car… She’s a 2010 JT 2.4L auto, 3-door GV. When I purchased her she was stock standard. HAHAHA – not for long!!! I got ‘the bug’ and learned how to open my purse and pour those $$$$ into her! Thankfully, hubby is very mechanically minded, and has encouraged and advised me along the way. AND I’ve also met a great bunch of like-minded people through the Illawarra Suzuki 4WD Club, who have the knowledge and passion for the quirks of these awesome little cars!
– Lift Kit : Dobinson 2”
– Bullbar : ARB
– Lights: light bar, fog lights and 2x spotties that’d burn the fur off a Yeti!
– Underbody Protection : Ironman 3-piece
– Wheels : King 17” Terra
– Tyres: 265/65/17 AT (black, rubber, round ones….hahaha)
– Recovery Points: Brolga Enterprises
– CB: Oricom
– E-Lockers: Harrop (rear) – awaiting delivery and installation asap!
– Winch: ROO Systems 12,000Lb (So I can pull the BIG cars out – hahaha. Ok, so it really is overkill, but who’s gonna kick a freebie gift horse in the mouth, right?)
For many years, I wanted a Jimny or a Sierra or some other small 4WD, but was talked out of it. I settled for a Nissan X-Trail, which I had for several years and loved it, but I knew I was limited with what she was capable of doing. Eventually the ECM packed it in and I thought “Now’s my chance!!” So, literally, on my way home from the mechanics, I bought myself a 2009 automatic Jimny. Unfortunately, she was a lemon and the gearbox packed it in six weeks later!! Thankfully, the local dealership went above and beyond to keep me happy, even though there was officially no warranty, as the car was over 10yrs old. They sent the Jimny to get fixed and gave me a loan car – for SIX MONTHS!! They eventually conceded defeat and gave me a full refund! Phew……but still heartbroken.
I then went on the hunt for a replacement car, and discovered the Grand Vitara. I really didn’t want the extra two doors, as it is usually just me + 1, or me and my dogs, so I became interested in the SWB/3-door. BUT, I was warned that these little beauties are favoured by Grey Nomads who tow them behind their Motorhomes, so although the odometer might say a certain number, the reality can be MUCH higher!! So….the challenge then turned to finding one that did not have the tow-hitch setup thingo. (Obviously, I’m very mechanically minded, calling it that! Lol)
That’s when I found my dream car!
For the modifications, a Snorkel is still on my ‘Wish List’ and I’m leaning towards the Safari black plastic one. I really wanted to get Brush Bars, however this model Zook has side airbags and I have been advised that my insurance company may void my policy if they fail to be activated in an accident as a result of having the bars installed. Bummer, but as she is my daily drive, I figure my insurance is more important!
OH – and one other thing she’s got is lots of PINK BITS!!! Hahaha! I got a bit bored at the beginning of Covid-19, so decided to hit her up with a spray can….wipers, bonnet vents, recovery points, spare wheel centre, tow bar and engine cover. I’ve realised I can’t abuse anyone out on the road, as she’s very recognisable – hahaha!!
Anyway, that’s the story of how I came to own my awesome little beast. Now I’ve just got to get out there and learn to drive her to the best of my ability, as she is a very capable little car and I want to get out and get dirty with her! The attached pic is from the Xmas Light Cruise, 2020 – what a fun night and a great way to spread cheer around our community.