Over the weekend of the 19th – 21st of May, members spent the weekend camping at Coolendel on the Shoalhaven river to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the club.

There was a fantastic turnout of well over 30 members who reportedly had a great time.

The weekend was relatively Chilly but thanks to the firewood contributions, we had a roaring fire all weekend that technically, was within the fire rings as the park directed. Kind of – if you were liberal with the definition. We had a night of high wind with a few shelters suffering but in true club style, there was a 3am roving band of fixer-uppers checking and attending to those camps that needed it.

Saturday’s activities started with a treasure hunt over the days length pitting member against member to see who could find the most items from a list of seemingly impossible items. Stacey and Kate took out the prize with all of the items except the elusive corkscrew.

Some members ventured out to explore the area on both bikes and in 4wd’s on Saturday with some great inspiration drawn for some future club day trips.

The afternoon kicked off with a paper airplane throwing competition with the real learning being that there are neither aeronautical engineers or origami experts in our ranks. Trent was the overall winner by quite a margin but if judges had allowed my crafty plan of wrapping the paper around a rock I reckon I could have given him a run for his money.

The next event was the demolishing of the Jimny pinata – any reports that it resembled a Mahindra from the front and a jeep from the back are absolutely false. The first lethal blow came from Ricky and it went to pieces from there.

A nibbles platter and burger bar fed the masses on Saturday night with chief cook Galvin doing the BBQ honors and an army of helpers preparing all the burger fillings before the lot was demolished in short order. Dessert was a huge chocolate cake Thankyou to all those that helped in the preparation and cleanup – it is a lot of work to organize these events and without the efforts of that group of members, it just wouldn’t happen at all.

A formal honoring of the remaining founding members, James, Stacey, Jon and Darren was a highlight with some of the clubs founding history shared with the formalities wrapped up with a gift box for each of them. The committee tasked with organizing the weekend were also gifted a memento of thanks for their efforts.

A special thanks to the organizing committee -Mivvi who organized many items including the commemorative shirts, Galvin and Jane who organized, sourced and cooked the majority of the food and packed the trailer ready for the trip , Jody who made the cake and Wayne who made the pinata and organized with the venue. There was an awful lot of work outside what I have described that went on behind the scenes with a last minute change of venue and many shopping trips to collect all the supplies.

Thanks also to Daniel who towed the club trailer to Coolendel and Andrew who bought it back.

All in all, it was a great weekend that all enjoyed and the evidence of why our club is so great!

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