In September of 2022. our club members attended the 4wd adventure show at Eastern Creek Dragway. The club was there as helpers for the show, to showcase our club to prospective 4wd enthusiasts and to oversee the associations 4wd RC car attraction.
Members camped on the grounds for the duration of the show.
Things got quite busy over the duration of the show with a few possible members from the event.
The trip home turned to a nailbiter for our President, James when he suffered a collapsed rear wheel bearing on the Hume Highway. After assesing the failure, he decided to limp it home which seemed to work well until a few streets from home where the combination of leaking diff oil and a whole lot of heat caused it to catch fire!
Luckily, James was warned by Daniel who was following and James managed to put out the flames with his fire extinguisher. A sobering reminder of why carrying an extinguisher is important.

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