These trip logs are from some of the earliest trips the club members undertook. The pictures do not necessarily reflect the actual trips but are of a similar vintage.

June 4, 2013

Trip Attendance:
Jamie McFadgean – Kevin Warhurst } SWB Sierra
Jame’s Lee – Reggie } LWB Sierra
Dave Manzano – Jody Harvey } LWB Vitara
Trip Leader: Jame’s Lee
Trip Grading: C = Easy/Medium with challanging yet fun obsticles.

Hittin’ Some Ruts
It all started at the meeting point of APR McDonalds where we were greeted by Jamie & Kevin. After fuelling our bellies and tanks we proceeded to Yalwal and aired down at the power lines track, Jamie had removed the flex limiters (shocks) out of his SWB which kind of set the tone of how crazy this weekend was going to be.
The powerlines track is a fairly easy track with some sections that can be enjoyed by novices and seasoned 4WDers alike and is perfect as a “warm up” track. Not long into our trip I had noticed that something wasn’t right and Kevin pointed out that the LWB Vitara didn’t have drive to the front wheels. With a bit of pursuasion the Vitara got through most of the trickier sections and the plan on inspecting the hubs was made when we setup camp. As it turned out I had already broken a CV. Jamies I’ll give it a crack attitude saw him try to drive what only can be described as a zook sized gully which was great for some 4ft in the air tyre lifting fun.
We travelled along the recently graded Deans Gap Rd, Mintbush Fire Trail and setup camp at Wombat Flats at about 4pm. Along the way I suggested that we collect some fire wood so we did….. Nothing exciting happened……. The chainsaw worked brilliantly……. ehem…. well it did once the chain was put on the correct way, and the bar oil cap was put back on…. and when it had petrol in it…. And this is when the tally for winning the Dumb Ass award began.
We all setup our swags, got the fire going, had some food and started to enjoy the serenity of the sounds of the bush…. Just before our lovely neighbours proceeded to hammer us with INXS for the next 3 hours on a home stereo system run off a generator. Whilst they didn’t play offensive music, the level was. Kevin and Jamie had decided to go over and pay them a visit and to make a song request, we didn’t see them for another 1 1/2 hours or so as they were being fed a small amount of cola with their whisky and having a nice old chat…….. That they couldn’t escape from. Once they did arrive back and after a fair bit of banter, Kevins camp chair seemed to have seen better days so James decided to give Kev a lesson on proving Newtons law of gravity.
Not long after climing into our swags the rain started to come over which ment only one thing, The following day was going to be wet, slippery and challanging. I had doubts on proceeding on the trip and talked about calling it a day, but the rest of the team were adament to give it a crack and they were more than happy to help out if, well, when I got stuck. Not long after discussing the plan of attack for the day, we were met by a few other Lads who tagged along with us for a while.
We packed up and left camp at about 9am and followed James along the Wombat Flats loop track, half way along we were greeted with a few large rutted water filled bog holes which I was certain I would need some help getting across. James got through to the other side and prepared to get the snatch strap ready for me, however during the preperation, he had a small issue of the under bonnet wiring spontaneously combusting so a call out for a fire extinguiser had me slipping and sliding to retreive one from the back of the Vitara but very luckily it was put out by the time it reached him. The “other lads” were starting to get a bit inpatient so they went through the bog holes before me and churned it up several times which I appreciated. Although my anxiety was mounting I took Kev’s advice and went into it with a steady foot, at the end of one bog hole I almost got stuck but with a bit of back and forth motion I some how managed to really suprise myself and get through them.
Next was Jamies turn and well, like everything else he did on the trip, made it look easy.
After that and many other obsticles, we found ourselves at the river crossing in which James decided to show us along another track which the enterance was VERY slippery, Again I thought I would have no chance in getting up there in 2WD but some carefull driving I was shocked that I actually made it. I could only put it down to having plenty of treat and a locked rear end.
Jamie followed however having unlocked diffs really proved his skill. Different lines were chosen, Kev’s navigation and slipping over into mud contributed to Jamie getting to the top. This track led us to a wooden log crossing then meeting up with Monkey Gum FT, once we got to the bridge we stopped for a bit of a break and had some lunch.
Before long we found ourselves at the begining of Monkey gum Fire Trail and it wasn’t too long that we realised on how wet this track really is, Being mostly clay based we found ourselves slipping and sliding our way up and getting some excellent flex shots on some cross over’s. Just at the base of the hardest section of Monkey gum which happens to be almost the end of our trek, we came across another group who were struggeling to negotiate the slippery ruts and having to winch up sections. It was here where our plans all went out the window. I was doubting heavily If I should even attempt it and turn around but Jimbo’s LWB saw the challange and the fuel pump decided to call it quits. After an 8 point turn we pushed the LWB around and a very embarrassed Jame’s hooked up the snatch strap to the Vitara to tow him out.
The decent proved to be as tricky as getting to where we were, we had to use several techniques to safely guide the sierra around some gully’s and over ruts without damage to his and my car. It was a shameful way for the sierra to finish off the day but the most important part was that we all worked as a team to get out safely.
We arrived at South Nowra and the call out for a replacement fuel pump began. A HUUUUUGE thanks go’s out to Jon Spinks who just happened to have a spare and even drove down from Wollongong in Red V to deliver it,. DEAD SET LEGEND!!!! The pump was changed, and the mighty zook roared into life once again and we convoyed home.
I would like to thank everyone who came along, It was a great first official club trip with alot of mishaps and antics, I am already looking forward to arranging another trip and getting out there..
June 4, 2013

July 21, 2013

Dave Manzano – LWB Vitara
Jon Spink & Jayde Gear – SWB Sierra
Jamie Mcfadgean & Silly Savanna – SWB Sierra
Laurie Tolhurst & Liam – SWB Sierra
Trip Leader – Dave Manzano
Trip Grading : C / D – easy with some steep climbs and decents

The Bender at Bendethera
We all met at the car park of APR McDonalds at 4pm and headed to the sleepy town of Moruya where the first port of call was to find a service station to refuel and be on our merry way. I usually fill at the last service station before hitting the dirt tracks however it was closed, so I plotted into my GPS to find another. This little side trek found us to be in a paddock in which was a tad boggy and rutted out. I thought surely we won’t need to lock in the hubs just yet, but no. I managed to get bogged in suburbia. I jumped out into a puddle and locked the hubs, at this point I realised that my ugg boots aren’t as water proof as I thought. After that little detour we managed to find the open service station and stocked up on ice and fire wood.
We soon hit the dirt and traversed Fox Gully Rd, It is a bumpy rocky track so we decided to air down to make the ride a little more bearable. At the same time we spotted a few logs which we chopped up for more fire wood.
Before long we found ourselves at the beginning of one of many ups and downs, or spoonies as the locals like to call them, before we went through a few river crossing and reached the camp ground. We all quickly rolled out our swags and set up the tents, started a much needed fire and enjoyed a few drinks and the tranquillity that we were surrounded in.
We woke to a frosty morning and master chef Liam cooked breakfast for the crew and after we all thawed out we made the plan to visit Hanging Mt lookout. Everything was going well until the Vitara started playing silly buggers. And this is where all plans went out the window.
On a very slight incline and turn, I heard a horrendous bang. Instantly thinking the CV had broken, I thought oh well I still have 2WD, but the banging continued. Inspecting the damage It was clear that the CV exploded and after a bit of investigation we realised that it wasn’t the only casualty. It had also broken the rear Axle.
The plan quickly changed to getting the Vitara back into town and to leave it at another zook enthusiasts house, Llewelyn Kingston. The recovery was done by Jon in the Red V zook. This proved to be an absolute monster and epic effort. There were a few sections where the Sierra was just too light to keep pulling a dead weight up such a steep incline, so the generosity of fellow travellers was much appreciated. They got me over sections where we had no chance of getting up without a winch. Once we made it onto flatter ground the slow journey into town started to play havoc with our patience. Travelling along 25-30km of dirt road isn’t as fun at 10kph. 2 ½ hours later we found a safe spot for the Vitara to spend the night. After a well deserved refreshment we hit the trails back to camp where the anticipation of a feast and beer awaited us.
The rest of the team had prepared plenty of fire wood and an absolute banquet of food. Liam was busy slaving over a stove preparing some side dish’s to our camp oven lamb roast, rotisary chicken over hot coals, mixed vegetables and one of the best sauces ever. We all ate like kings, So we decided to drink like kings to! After a few shenanigans the night went quickly and before we knew it, it turned into morning.
The morning was rather overcast and just as we began to cook breakfast and thought about packing up, it started to rain. The only issue being is that along with everyone else’s belongings we had to squeeze my gear in amongst it. A stellar effort go’s to all for sharing the load by strapping things to their spare wheels playing tetris to fit it all as well as fitting in all the rubbish that we took in as well as what others had left at the camp site when we arrived.
On our way out we did stop at the previous day’s destination, Hanging Mountain where the views were breath taking as we could see clearly to the coast and seeing the mountainous tracks which were to follow. I also introduced the group to Geocaching, a little treasure hunt which can be found all over the country.
Once we got to Moruya, and where the Vitara was left, a quick call to Lewellyn proved to be an absolute life saver. He went above and beyond of what I expected, He had offered to tow my car back home as he just happened to have a car trailer at his house.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for helping me out in this situation. A special thanks to Jon for towing me out and having the patience to press on to find a safe place to park the car. Lewellyn for dragging the busted Vit all the way home.


Jallor State forest day trip 25/8/2013
Attendance- paul in his Mitsubishi pajero
Jon spink and jayde gear in the swb coiley Suzuki sierra
Laurie tolhurst in his swb coiley Suzuki sierra
Simon (pauls son) in his Toyota hilux
Rob in his Mitsubishi triton
Ok well the day trip started off at the usual meeting place ofalbion park maccas ,where jon ,jayde,lauire and paulmet.Then we proceeded up maquarie pass up into the southern highlands and met pauls son simon and rob at Mittagongmaccas.
We headed onto the dirt roads following simon as he is familiar with the tracks of jallor state forest,we had a quick stop to leave pauls pajero at the camping ground whilst he jump in simons hilux.
We started on some medium style tracks which were a bit of fun which led to a nice look out.After the look out we headed back to the camp area to have a bite to eat for lunch.whilsthaving lunch some local trial bike rider approached us askingsimon to help collect there broken down bike down a challenging track.Simon followed the bike rider into the tracks to help a hand,they seemed to be gone for at least an hour so paul jumped in lauries sierra ,and jon followed to find them at the gully track.
Simon had helped put the bike onto the back of his hilux and we continued through the gully track.The gully track was a tuff rocky steep hill which was very challenging,simon powered through in the lux ,which the sierras seemed a bit trickier with laurie getting caught up on a rock and neededasistence with the high lift jack to lift his diff above therock,after that there came a steep incline. Simon continued to power up with no problems at this point,jon followed and was un able to get up a rock step,Simon turned his lux around and set up his winch to help jon get up the step,when jon was in a clear area simon tried reverse up the track and found him selfbreak a cv and was unable to make it any further.Luckly forlaurie he has asstince from his winch help him up the steps .
Now this where the fun started,paul went back to camp to get the pajero whilst simon ,laurie and jon set up the hand winch to pull the hilux up the hill,we all had turns and worked up a sweat but we go the hilux up enough to drive the sierra past .Then we set up lauries winch to pull the hilux up to a area less rocky,then the great mighty pajero of paul snaached thesimons hilux up to flat area ,simon was able to continue in rear wheel drive back to the camp area where we said our good byes and finished out day trip
But I better add in that laurie ,jayde and jon couldn’t help but stop in to albion park pub for a feed and some nice cold drinks to finish the day
Written by Jon Spink
August 30, 2013

Hudson Memorial Crash Site Hike.
Attendance: Jeremy Zink(trip leader)
James Lee, Zach Massey
Sam Scott, Warren Miller, Brayden, Ryan
Dave and Jody turned up to the meeting point but due
to a mix up didn’t attend the hike.
The hike started off making good time. By the time we got closer to
the crash site Jeremy’s GPS was all over the place. Unfortunately
due to this we walked around the site 3 to 4 times before getting
lost in the scrub. We then managed to find a track back out, and
made our way back to the cars.
We then left to meet up with other members Darren Kiely and family
and Stacey Massey and family to have a BBQ on Darkes Road at the
Park. Sam and Warren had to leave due to the time it took us on the
hike. We would also like to thank Darren for supplying the BBQ. A
good day was had by all. Even though we were unable to find the
crash site. Maybe next time.
October 7, 2013

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